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We, as AKG Turkey, are the one of 12 production plants located in 7 countries of AKG Group which produces over 2,5 million radiator and cooler per year and which celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2019. Our journey, which was started with opening sales office in 1996 in Turkey, still continue to own way with unfaltering and responsible steps thanks to building of production plant in Kemalpaşa - İzmir in 2012. Besides that we provide employment area in İzmir, we have the crucial status in overseas and domestic sales with our principles which are developing and renovating our business day after day.

Our factory, which is established on an area of 57 thousand square meters, 17,500 square meters of which is covered, produces many production groups such as oil and air cooler, radiator, condenser, copper-brass and aluminium cooler. Besides standart coolers, we, as AKG Turkey, provide high performanced cooler solutions (OEM) which are specially designed for our customers. Today, our success of working with the best companies in Turkey and the World in many sectors such as compressor, automotive, bus, construction machinery, forestry and agricultural machinery is the result of esteeming to our work and our customer oriented attitudes. We are proud of that we lead together of our engineering abilities, high production depth, low-cost parts, improving quality and our close customer relationships in perfect harmony.

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