Environmental Protection & Safety

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AKG-Turkey, is committed to working with sustainable environmental management system on the conscious use of resources and environmental protection. In this context, leaving a livable environment for future generations; is accepted as responsibility and duty by all our employees.

The Central Services of AKG Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH has a management support office for environmental protection that is also responsible for monitoring the appropriate company guidelines for subsidiary companies and ensuring that they are implemented, if necessary.

Environmental protection is an integral function of the departments responsible for purchasing and development, construction, and production, especially with regard to the areas of energy, emissions, noise, waste and water/wastewater. 

As sources of energy the company uses only electricity and natural gas, which is relatively environmentally friendly. 

Substances such as chlorinated hydrocarbons and CFCs that produce emissions are not used in our company. One exception is our degreasing installations that operate in a closed circulatory system, all of which use the very latest technology that takes into account the appropriate emission protection regulations. 

Manufacturing and production installations are optimised at the specification stage with regard to noise emissions. In additon, we implement the other necessary measures. Production waste consists mainly of aluminium, copper-brass and metal sheets, cardboard and paper, plastic parts, and domestic and industrial waste. All waste materials are separated on site and stored in temporary storage areas and sent to licensed recycling and disposal companies with licensed vehicles.

In addition to the points already mentioned, our company takes additional measures for the protection of the environment.

We pay special attention to:

  • economical use of resources,
  • compliance with national and local regulations,
  • use of environmentally friendly materials for new developments,
  • control of all productions procedures,
  • raising awareness of our employees by providing trainings.

We also have the following accreditation:

  • DIN EN ISO 14001

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